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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

EPO-epi Partnership for Quality Meeting

May 22, 2017

The annual EPO-/epi Partnership for Quality Meeting between EPO/epi took place in main EPO building on 18th May. The meeting was held as part of the ‘Quality for Partnership’ program, a continuous dialogue between the epi and the EPO by means of which both organizations exchange their views and update each other on quality matters.

The delegation from the epi was composed by some members of the EPPC sub-committees EPC and Quality and was headed by the epi President Francis Leyder. The delegation from the EPO included Directors from DG 1 (Operations), DG 2 (Operational Support) and DG 5 (Legal/International Affairs) and was headed by Vice-President Raimund Lutz.

The EPO highly stressed the importance of user feedback, remarking the valuable contributions provided by the epi in this regard. The epi welcomed the opportunity to discuss further enhancements and seize the occasion to encourage its members to make use of the feedback mechanisms and bring their input. The presentations and materials shown by the EPO have been kindly provided to the epi for further distribution among its members and can be accessed by epi members after login here

If you have any questions/concerns/issues you would like to raise relating to quality, please send an email to eppc@patentepi.com

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