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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

epi and EPO to Cooperate on Quality Management Process

November 16, 2018

The European Patent Attorney profession has observed ongoing changes at the EPO over the past years with interest and concern.

It is clear that a high quality level is very important for the entire patent system. This applies both the EPO and the patent attorney profession. This is also the reason behind the strict examination at the European Qualifying Examination for European Patent, which epi has been supporting from the beginning.

The new President of the EPO, Mr Campinos, has expressed that the EPO wishes to start a further dialogue on the quality management process at the EPO with the European Patent Attorneys. He has invited epi thereto, as the standing representation of European Patent Attorneys before the EPO. epi has accepted this invitation, and is engaged to work out projects together with the EPO.

In view hereof, a press release on the same subject is attached, which was sent out by a group of patent law firms after a meeting with the President of the EPO.

For further information at the epi: Vice President Heike Vogelsang-Wenke.


Press Release by a Group of Patent Law Firms on a meeting with EPO President Campinos

Letter dated June 7, 2018

Letter dated August 6, 2018

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