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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

CPE Seminars

The CPE seminars are organised by the epi in the framework of the current project of Continuing Professional Education (CPE), in collaboration with the European Patent Academy of the EPO and WIPO.

Seminars on "Opposition and Appeal"

Seminar series "Live of a patent"

Seminars about Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

Seminars on "Opposition and Appeal"

The "Opposition and Appeal" seminars will provide you with an intensive and practical overview of all relevant legal and practical issues concerning opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office.

The seminar will be given by two experienced speakers: Marcus Müller is a member of the Boards of Appeal of the EPO and Cees Mulder is a European patent attorney.

They will guide you through the various aspects of the proceedings including discussion of the landmark decisions of the Boards of Appeal and the Enlarged Board of Appeal, which every patent attorney should have in mind at the start of and during opposition and appeal proceedings. The speakers will also discuss important tactical and strategic aspects, such as 'how to draft a European patent application to avoid problems later in opposition and appeal'. The seminar is intended for patent attorneys, heads and members of patent and legal departments and attorneys at law.

Further information about the scheduled events available here.

Seminar series "Live of a patent"

In 2013 epi started a series of seminars on the "life of a patent".
The series covered 4 topics:

  1. "Pre-drafting"
    The first part of this event focuses on "Invention and Patentability". The epi speaker discusses the difference between novelty and inventive step, and explains prior art and searching. The second part gives tips on how to interview an inventor. The third part concentrates on filing strategies. All parts include practical examples.
  2. "Drafting of Applications"
    epi and EPO speakers present this seminar together, to provide views from both sides. The topics include "patentable inventions", "state of the art, "sufficiency of disclosure", "claim drafting" and "drafting the description and the drawings". The speakers use practical examples to make the subject matter understandable.
  3. "Prosecution"
    epi and EPO speakers discuss different patent attorney and EPO approaches to each stage of prosecution, such as filing and search, publications and replies to office actions. This event also looks at amendments, grant of a patent and the validation of European patents. As with the previous seminars, the speakers illustrate their points with practical examples.
  4. "Opposition"
    The epi and EPO speakers explain the important aspects of opposition procedure. The participants gain a better insight through practical examples and discussion of those examples with the speakers.

Every seminar will be complemented by a webinar, about 4-6 weeks after the seminar. The webinars will address particular issues that could not be discussed in depth during the seminar, and will illustrate further aspects of topics covered at the seminars.

Scheduled events

Seminars about Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

Article as published in the epi Information 2/2013:

epi Seminars on „Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court"

M. Fromm, epi Education Section, M. Holmberg, Chair of the PEC working group "epi members and paralegals", F. Leyder, Chair of the EPPC, and P. Thomsen, Secretary of the Litigation Committee.

With adoption of two EU Regulations and the signature of an international agreement, substantial progress has been made during the past months towards a Unitary Patent (UP) and a Unified Patent Court system (UPC). epi will closely follow further developments and, where appropriate, provide comments, in particular through the European Patent Practice Committee (EPPC) and the Litigation Committee (LitCom).

Taking into account that the introduction of the UP and the UPC system has the potential to considerably change the IP landscape and the working environment for European Patent Attorneys, epi is planning to offer a training program for its members. The training program will be organised by the Professional Education Committee (PEC) with input and help from the EPPC and LitCom. It will focus on informing our members about the new developments in order to enable them to advise their clients.

It is currently planned to have a two-step educational programme.

The first step would consist of one-day seminars with detailed information about the UP and general information about the UPC system.

The second step would comprise an in-depth training on the procedure before the new UPC, probably in a two-day format.

The PEC is currently inquiring possibilities to cooperate for the organisation of the seminars with other institutions such as national patent attorney associations, CEIPI and the EPO Academy.

Though the date when the UP will come into force is not yet clear and depends on certain future developments such as the ratification process and the action before the CJ of the EU. PEC presently intends to organise a general introductory seminar in the 4th quarter of 2013 or the 1st quarter of 2014. The first-step seminars will be held after the implementing regulations for the UP, including the fees, have been finalised, while the second-step seminars can only be held after the rules of procedure for the UPC will have been finalised.

The three epi Committees involved would like to assure all epi members that they monitor the developments and that the members will be kept informed on any educational events planned with regard to the UP and UPC system. Further details will be published on the epi website and in the next issues of the epi Information.

i The new name for the Professional Qualification Committee, after its Terms of Reference have been redefined at the Vienna Council meeting.