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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

"Executive" subcommittee

Existent in the past term;
This subcommittee will constantly review current PEC projects, consult regularly and decide quickly on issues on behalf of PEC, when there is no time to consult with the whole committee.
It consists of the PEC chair, the secretary and the subcommittee and WG chairs.

Current Members
AT Friedrich Schweinzer (Chair of Study and CPE and Budget Monitoring subcomm.)
CH Wolfgang Bernhardt (Chair of epi Experts subcomm.)
CZ Katerina Hartvichova (Chair of CSP subcomm.)
DE Felix Letzelter (Chair of EQE subcomm.)
DK Pia Stahr (Chair of UP/UPC Education WG)
GB Jon Gowshall (Chair of Editorial subcomm.)
IT Paolo Rambelli (Chair of PEC)
LI Anke Allwardt (Chair of epi students and EQE candidates subcomm.)
LU Didier Lecomte (Secretary of PEC)
NL Bart van Wezenbeek (Chair of CPE subcomm.)