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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

"epi Experts" subcommittee

In the past term the "epi tutors and EQE candidates" subcommittee with only 4 members had a lot of projects to handle, therefore it is suggested to split this subcommittee into two separate subcommittees.
The "epi Experts" subcommittee should i.a. supervise the training of epi tutors, and set up a training programme for epi tutors, a mentor programme for new tutors, organise the annual epi tutors’ meetings, and monitor the quality of our tutors.

epi Experts
Country members
CH Wolfgang Bernhardt (Chair)
Kathrin Wagner (Subst.)
FR Jérôme Collin
Francis Fernandez (Subst.)
NO Per Berg
Eirik Røhmen (Subst.)
BE Margaret Mackett (Assoc.)
Eva Willnegger (Assoc.)
GB Stephan Blake (Assoc.)
Derek Jackson (Assoc.)