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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Preparing for the pre-examination and the main examination of the EQE

epi organises a number of activities which assist candidates to better prepare themselves for the pre-examination and the main examination of the EQE. Particularly epi organises the so-called “epi tutorial” , mock-EQEs and for the second time in cooperation with the European Patent Academy an pre-examination online training course. 

These epi tutorial and mock-EQEs are found to be very valuable by the tutees as personal feedback on exam papers is not offered elsewhere. Our tutors find it a very rewarding and stimulating activity to assist patent attorney trainees to help them enhance their exam preparation and become sound patent attorneys.

Flexible epi Tutorial


Get your individual feedback on papers Pre-Examination/A/B/C/D whenever you need it during your preparation for the EQE

  • Sign in for a tutorial whenever you want
  • Decide which paper you want to prepare
  • Arrange individually with your tutor:
     - the due date when transfer your prepared paper to your tutor
     - the date when to discuss the result of your individual paper with your Tutor
  • Discuss the result of your paper with your Tutor
     - in small Groups (on request) or
     - in a one to one session

For further Information please cklick here.

The registration is available here.


Mock EQE(s)

The mock EQE(s) allow participants to attempt an EQE exam under exam conditions. The participants sit the various papers (Pre-Examination, A, B, C and D) in the same order as during the real exam and are given exactly the same time to sit the paper(s). 

Scheduled epi Mock EQE(s) and further information are available here.

The registration is available here. The final selection of the location(s) will be announced after the evaluation of the online registration.


European Patent Academy

Preparation for the pre-examination of the European Qualifying Examination 2018

The European Patent Academy, in association with expert epi tutors, is offering from September 2017 an online training course for candidates taking the pre-examination of the European Qualifying Examination in 2018. The course covers numerous topics relevant to the pre-examination, and comprises extensive training material.

More information about this course can be obtained by visiting the EPO website.

Registration is open.