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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office


Examination Dates

Notice of 17 November 2016 from the Examination Secretariat - dates of EQE 2017 and 2018

Supervisory Board, Examination Board, Examination Committees and Examination Secretariat 

List of members, status as at 01.02.2017

Supervisory Board

Decision of the Supervisory Board of 17 November 2016 - Additional time for the main examination
Decision of the Supervisory Board of 17 February 2017


Decision of the President of the European Patent Office of 2 February 2012 - Revising the basic fee for the European qualifying examination. 

Official Regulations

The current version of the Regulation on the European qualifying examination for professional representatives can be found here.

If you have further questions about the EQE or the Regulation on the EQE, please get in touch with the Examination Secretariat of the European Patent Office

Email: eqe@epo.org
Tel.: +49 89 23 99 51 55