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Institut der beim Europäischen Patentamt zugelassenen Vertreter

Amsterdam (NL): 24.08.2016


epi Information

epi Informationepi publishes a quarterly journal. Its primary objective is to inform members of epi's current activities.

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12 August 2016


Das Institut der beim Europäischen Patentamt zugelassenen Vertreter (epi) wurde gemäß dem Europäischen Patentübereinkommen (EPÜ) durch Bestimmungen, die vom Verwaltungsrat des Europäischen Patentamtes beschlossen wurden, gegründet.


July 18, 2016

Nominate outstanding inventors for the European Inventor Award by 12 October 2016

The 11th annual European Inventor Award in Lisbon held on 9 June 2016 was a wonderful celebration of innovation.


July 14, 2016

epi Communication regarding Brexit

Following the result of the referendum of June 23 in the UK to leave the EU, epi would like to point out: Since the UK will under any circumstances remain a member of the European Patent Convention, being not an EU instrument, there will be no consequences on the current system of European Patents. All existing European Patents validated in the UK will remain valid, even after the UK may have left the EU. Similarly, European Patent Applications filed in the past and in the future can be validated in the UK. All European Patent Attorneys situated in the UK will still be able to represent in all proceedings before the EPO.